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Friday, June 30, 2006

today is the day!!

maple leaf yarn hank, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

well.. at midnight it will be the day we start the maple leaf sock KAL! I can't wait. there are more than 160 of us going to be knitting this sock! this is the yarn I'm going to be using.. it's cherry tree hill supersock in an unofficial colorway, but it looks like maple leaves to me. :) I'm showing it to you in it's hank because I'm too embarrassed to show you what a horrible job I did of winding the other hank of it into balls.

this is the yarn that started the whole KAL thing.. I bought this pretty goofy lookin' hunk of yarn on ebay back towards the end of april..


it was a 1lb mill end hunk of the cherry tree hill sock yarn and yeah, it's goofy lookin' but I can't afford that yarn under normal circumstances and I was feelin' left out of the fancy yarn experience and the price was right so I figured what the heck, I'll just knit a lot of really goofy lookin' socks, 'eh? but when it unwound, it unwound into the yarn that made those 6 dubloons socks back in the earlier entries, and this yarn, and a batch of nearly solid deep teal that's also really pretty.. and when I saw this yarn the first thing I thought was that's gonna be jeanie's maple leaves. :) so.. that started that. :)

oh.. ok..

sloppy yarnballs

there they are. the ugly yarnballs. yes.. they. it came out of the hank in two pieces. not complainin'. :) pathetic, huh? I've gotten better at the winding the ball thing since I switched random household items to use as a nostepinde. :)but.. I figure these'll knit just as well ugly as they would pretty. I'll wind the rest when I run out of this.


mata parrot sock in progress

this is how I'm occupying my time waiting for it to be midnight. :)

happy canada day, alla y'all. :-D

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I attempted to start a sock from the knitting zone sock challenge recipe book yesterday.. the may sock, if you want to look.. with that opal parrot.

it's a fairly simple looking pattern, some knit rows, some p3 k3 rows, and one real pattern row that wants you to yo, slip 1, k2together, psso, k3, and repeat around. easy enough but.. that's one increase and 2 decreases..

if all the other rows are straight knitting or knitting/purling 1 stitch per stitch.. isn't that going to ultimately make a cone, rather than a sock? or am I just.. pattern-reading-stupid?

so.. what else can I do that's not too complicated and might be interesting with my parrot, that can continue forward on my 80 stitches of ribbing? :) this one wanted me to decrease 2 stitches after the ribbing to make 78 stitches so I can do that too.. right now it's going forward in plain stockinette but it hasn't gone far and I have a lifeline at the end of the rib so.. I can change to something else if I find something else interesting..

I'm thinking the mata hari ones might be ideal.. so.. maybe that's what I'll do. first I'm going to attempt to replace the belt on my vaccuum.. the floor is a disaster.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

it's tuesday..

blue surf socks 5, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

and they're finished. :)

see? 8 stitches/inch isn't bad. I actually like this yarn, now.. where I hated it, before I changed needles.. so.. happy happy (because there's at least 3 more balls of the stuff.. 4, I think.. but at least 3..).

so my needles are empty, I have no socks in the works. :( what should I do next?

I have a ball of opal parrot, I think I'll blogstalk some photos and see if I find any inspiration there. :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006


LC said I was speedy. :)

It's not really true.. it's easy to appear speedy when you're knitting with fat yarn and fat needles and not doing a great lot else but knitting. :)

that magic stripes yarn is kinda fat. those socks don't feel very comfy right now, but I know they will once they're washed. I've knit 2 other pairs of socks from that yarn.. the first one I never photographed because they're kinda ugly in pretty much every respect.. the yarn is one of those conglomerations of colors that look appealing enough in a ball but really are fairly ugly, once they stripe up, and it was the first pair I made that lived, I think.. I knit one of 'em twisted and the other one untwisted and they just look ridiculous. :)

that's the second pair. I love those socks. they were my favorites of the ones I kept myself, til I did the dubloon ones. I like the looks of other yarns more, I like the feel of other yarns more when I'm knitting them, but I enjoy knitting magic stripes in a plain stockinette sock because it's just.. relaxing. not at all stressful (unless you try to mess with what works!). it makes nice comfy socks (these don't feel very nice right now, I'll launder them before I gift them). and it's cheap. :) I wish AC Moore had a better selection of colors, when I was there the other day they only had 4 colors to pick from and I can tell just by lookin' at one of 'em that I hate it already. who knows.. the whole family may wind up with gray and blue and brown stiped socks by the time it's christmas.

I like the looks of all the fancy socks I see everywhere. I've collected a gazillion patterns but I really enjoy knitting plainer ones more, I think. I finished the first blue sock this afternoon, and it's wonderful. ok, it's not wonderful but it's a nice sock, it fits well, I'm glad I switched to the #2 needles and I may try those on the more wooly regia next time. I'll take picture of these blue socks once I finish the second one.. maybe tuesday. :)

I think I need to find a bunch of people to knit with in person, sometime.. so I can compare and get a better handle on this whole.. knitting loose knitting tight firm fabric stretchy fabric thing. I like these socks on the #2's. I did another pair of this same yarn on #1's and yep, that's a nice firm fabric but I like this stretchier fabric better!

and.. am I then only person who knits tighter feet than legs? I dunno what's up with that but that first pair of socks of this regia surf stuff.. lemme find it's picture too..

that was when there was just one sock and before it was washed.. that sock is so short because I *hated* knitting that pattern.. rofl. anyway.. if it was as firm in the leg as it is in the foot.. you could use that thing as a pressure bandage. ankle wrap. that's one snug, firm sock. personally.. I think I prefer a bit of stretch in my socks.. and that's not the only pair that's worked out that way.. they all seem to tighten up some once I get to the foot. maybe that's normal..

so.. if you're reading this and have stuck with me this long, pipe up and tell me what needles you'd knit regular regia sock yarn on, and what SPI you get, with those needles.. and perhaps if I collect enough responses, I can gain some understanding.. figure out whether I knit loose or tight. become able to imagine what people mean by firm fabric. make better decisions regarding number of stitches/needle size I start with. and hopefully wind up frogging fewer socks. :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

finished 'em

mansock6, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

those easy mansocks that frustrated me the other day.. they worked up pretty qickly on the re-do, and then defied all my efforts to photograph them for several days.

making them mansized took more yarn than I had, I ran out early in the second toe decreasing but.. it's inexpensive and readily available yarn so I trotted down to AC Moore and got another ball. that made the decision as to who these socks are intended for easier, they will be for my brother in law, and the remaining yarn will make a pair of shorter legged and shorter footed but otherwise similar socks for his wife.. because they will get a kick out of having matching socks. :)

they, however, are going to have to wait. once done, I frogged the blue sock back to nothing and started again. 3 times, so far! I'm just past the heel now so no confirmation that it fits but it appears plenty stretchy. I settled on a bit of 1x1 rib to start and then 4x2 rib for leg and instep with garter stitch heel and toe.. on 66 stitches and #2 needles.

#2 needles.

that sounds big, doesn't it? people talk about knitting socks on 0's and smaller.. I don't know how they do it! or why, for that matter. these seem a little loose right now but I know they'll work that out in the wash, I'm getting 8spi on the 2's and they're summer socks. I am convinced 2's was the right decision for this yarn. and me. :)

although.. I still want to find myself a set of 1.5's before I tackle another ball of this yarn..

got the house to myself for most of the night, ted's up in NC at a train show, aidan's off downtown for dinner and a concert so it's just me and the cats and my knitting. :) sounds perfect. well.. it'd be perfect if there was a mexican joint that delivered.. I sure could go for some mexican. haha.. in more ways than one, I guess.. sure.. I could go get some mexican.. but I don't want it that bad. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


PICT0103a, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

this is a sorta old picture of my babycat, harpo. he's a yankee doodle dandy.. born on the 4th of july.

well.. that's his arbitrary birthday, we don't know when his real birthday is. I got him (for myself!) for *my* birthday, last year.. the day after my birthday, so harpo day is january 22nd. and he was.. around 6 months old at the time so.. he needed a july birthday and I picked 4th of july because it's easy to remember. :) so.. his birthday is comin' up, he'll be 2. he's probably around 9 months in this picture.

harpo is such a fun goofball but he's *really* fuzzy. more fuzzy than that shows. last year he didn't really shed much because he was not full grown coming in to warm weather so.. I guess he wasn't fully furred. this year he emulates the ripe dandelion. if you look at him sideways, clouds of fluff spring off him and travel through the breeze.

I am *so* allergic to this fun cat. or.. maybe I'm allergic to persimmon, the cranky old cat. whatever.. I am a sneezin' snifflin' runny itchy-eyed gal and I know it's their fault. and I don't care. I gladly pad the profit line of.. whoever makes my tissues and I really don't mind sneezin, it's.. a form of exercise, after all.. and for the most part I just be allergic.. although my bottle of antihistamine eye drops might very well be my best friend.

this is relevant. :)

to compliment my allergic runny bleary eyes, I'm alternating between 2yo bifocals to function (read walk drive) and doublestrength sams cheaters to knit.. and it's all working pretty well!

'cept for tiny fiddly close stuff. which is why I still haven't decided what to do about this blue sock. I'm sure it will make a sock that will fit someone if I frog it back to the ankle and give it a flap heel. but.. it's a 72 stitch sock that is too small.. it's almost 10 stitches/inch and the chore of frogging and picking up those tiny stitches is daunting enough that I think it really wouldn't take much longer to just start over. and I haven't convinced myself I like the leg part enough to go through that ordeal!

I think I'm going to buy myself a pair of that size between 1 and 2 needles. 2.5mm, is that it? I think there is no real reason this yarn needs to be knitted at nearly 10 stitches per inch and if that's what it's knitting to on these needles no wonder I can't make socks that fit outta this stuff.. surely something between 8 and 9 would make a perfectly nice pair of socks that would fit someone! I can't seem to lay my hands on an adequate number of 2's to try that.. so maybe I'll get another set of them too. and another set of 1's. :)

LC says.. if ya gotta frog you gotta frog. well.. of course I know that.. I'll close the toe of the do-over sock from yesterday before today is finished. :) it's just frustrating when it seems like everything you start is doomed to fail. when I get a full pair out of one of these pairs in progress, I'll do another pair of six dubloons I think.. same yarn same needles same size sock oughta work..

Monday, June 19, 2006

seems to be a trend..

nothin' is working out. :(

while I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do about that blue sock, I started an easy mindless sock.. lion magic stripes, #3 needles. :) it's a proven formula. but.. I decided this was going to be a man sock so I messed with the formula, and cast on 64 stitches. and knit the sock to an 8" leg, garter-short row heel, decided it was definitely too big, decreased after the heel to 56 stitches.. I figured.. sloppy legs you can live with, sloppy feet are house socks.. got to within minutes of the toe decreases and accepted the fact that if I continued as I was.. continuing, these were going to be my socks.

which wouldn't be a bad thing, I *like* my magic stripes socks, they're my 2nd favorite pair of all, I think.. plain perfect fitting socks.. but these were not going to be those socks, being 8 stitches sloppier in the legs and taller than I prefer.. and this is nice man colored yarn, the grandpas would wear these socks if they, frogged it all the way back to a ball of yarn.

the men I'm related to aren't significantly larger than I am.. some of them are not larger than me at all. some of them are significantly smaller than me. really, they don't even all have bigger feet than me.. so.. biggering the sock that much was silly. started again with 56 stitches. It'll be much nicer. It will fit me, so it will fit the grandpas.. I'll make it a quarter inch too long and that'll do the job.. and.. an even faster mindless knit. I'll probably give it a flap heel this time too.

and then I'll figure out what to do about the blue sock.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

ill-fated blue sock

ill-fated blue sock, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

it started well enough. I was using sockbug's lava flow pattern and called it "glacier flow" because it.. doesn't look at all like lava. it's going pretty well, I executed my first ever non-garterstitch short row heel adequately if not exceptionally and I'm cruisin' on down the foot, not bad progress at all.

but it doesn't fit.

erin is coming out this afternoon so I'll get her to try it on before I do anything drastic.. if it fits her then I'll keep going and they'll just be.. for her or mary sue or one of the grandma's.. that'd work. if they don't fit her then.. some frogging will commence.. maybe just back to the ankle, I'm pretty sure they'll fit.. someone, anyway :) with a flap heel..

or.. I may just start over all together.

kinda frustrating.

Friday, June 16, 2006

lost in space

I have a hard time finding where to go to actually post to this thing.. it's easiest when I have a picture and can tell flickr to "blog this". :)

I figured I could order my needles, somewhere, but I don't want to just order a set or two of #1 dpns so I keep trying to make knitpicks or elann have what I want and they keep.. not having it so today I got the bright idea to check webs.. and they have what I want *and* they have that yummy looking gedifra sock yarn I've been lusting after on closeout too.. so that may be the solution to my problem. :)

got some new cherry tree hill yarn in the mail yesterday.. thought it was gonna be greens and grays, that's what it said, that's how it looked in the picture but in my house it looks more greens and purples which is really quite attractive and appealing to me so I can't say I'm disappointed! .. however I don't think it's going to make the man socks I was hoping it would.. I was actually trying to buy *nice* yarn that did NOT appeal to me.. I have such a hard time parting with socks! at least it's enough for more than one pair so I can part with at least one. :) so now I must find more man yarn. my brothers in law might go for this green/purple stuff, we'll have to see how it knits but it is definitely not the stuff grandpa socks or dress socks are made of..

2-3 weekends ago my husband spent them both trapping squirrels and relocating them to a friend's farm in the country. he caught 2 the first weekend (memorial day.. was that 3 weekends ago? I'm sure he took last weekend off) and the following weekend, 5. he dislikes squirrels. when he was finished, 2 weekends ago, we had 1 squirrel left. :) the next day we had 2 squirrels. now we have 6 squirrels. I mean.. I don't know how many squirrels we have but I looked out the window this afternoon and admired this one squirrel spread out on the deck railing like a taxidermist had nailed him there, warmin' his belly and without movin' my head saw 5 more so.. there's at least 6 squirrels :). so I guess he's going to spend the weekend trapping and transporting squirrels again. now that I know that squirrels regenerate so quickly, I don't guess I mind and it seems to make him happy..

I started a new sock last night.. I'm not sure this one is for me, but I'm not sure who it is for instead either so.. hopefully I'll figure that out before I get to the toe!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

boring gray man socks are DONE!

gray man sock 6, originally uploaded by alsoanno.


these are ted's new socks. boring and gray and long. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn before I ran out of sock but there's a little left.. most of a dark gray stripe and the thin white stripe after, that I cut off to start the second sock, and the rest of the dark gray stripe from the end of the second toe and that's IT.

on the one hand they weren't a lot of fun to knit because gray is boring.. at least there were stripes.. but on the other hand they were sorta fun to knit because ted is so excited to be getting his own socks! that's pretty cool.

next I'm going to do a pair of regia surf socks, I think I'm going to do sockbug's lava flow socks, even though my yarn doesn't look anything like lava. haven't decided who they're going to be for yet, but since I just finished socks for someone else and don't have any other socks in progress, odds are they're going to be mine. :) but maybe not.. I really need to get started stockpiling socks for christmas! got some yarn today that's going to make at least one pair of christmas socks (and at least one pair of *me* socks) but I have a lot of this regia stashed, 4 balls of the surf? maybe 5.. 4 more balls of the patch antik so I'm forcing myself to knit one of them and then something else and since I started the six dubloons socks after I started the boring gray socks, technically speaking, it's time for another of these regias so.. I think that's what I'll do next.

how did I do that.. oh.. I had the boring man sock on the bendy bamboos to start with..

I *really* need another pair of #1 needles. aidan and I trekked out to the yarn store today.. is only open thursday friday saturday 11-3 and today is thursday, right? wasn't open. :( so we went to the used book store and got 7 books for 10 bucks.. 1 book for him (6 bucks), 6 books for me (3/1.99) then we went to manifest.. the local non-chain record store (they actually have some records so I can call it that) because there were 2 things on my shopping list for fathers day (carolyn aiken cd and the station agent movie) so we went to best buy yesterday and they didn't have either.. so I got band of brothers instead for the movie but was still trying for the CD. after a complete and comprehensive tour of the store I finally did find a little plastic divider thing for carolyn aiken (all I had was a name.. I had to tour all the genres..) but no CD. I did, however, find these odd guns that shoot odd things.. one of them shoots plastic ninjas, and the other one shoots plastic pigs. they also had ones that shot cows, cats, brides and grooms, rubber chickens, and frightened nuns) so I got ted 2 guns instead of a CD. that probably sounds weird *but*.. I believe those ninjas and pigs are close enough to the right size to call 'em S gauge.. I didn't buy 'em for the guns, I bought 'em for his train layout. every railroad town needs ninjas.. right? :) so.. socks, movies and ninja/pig guns.. sounds like fathers day to me. :)

oh.. then we went to this new chinese buffet joint we got a flyer for in the mail yesterday.. turns out it just opened.. yesterday or today.. so they were havin' a 10% off sale on the 6.99 lunch buffet and the brochure looked pretty fancy so we went to case the joint in case ted might like to go to chinese buffet for fathers day dinner instead of me havin' to cook it (anno's dont' cook on sunday unless it's fathers day) and it was pretty nice, they had a lot of food and something for everyone but not the fancy dinner stuff like crablegs and peking duck and they weren't actively grilling, although I reckon they mighta if we'd asked 'em to.. what'd I have.. zucchini and peppers, and green beans, and fried rice, and general tso's chicken and coconut chicken and black pepper chicken (the best of the lot) and garlic shrimp and cheese wonton and a steamed dumpling and a.. sesame-seed encrusted orb that was filled with a dab of.. plum paste? I dunno what the heck that was, but it was.. interesting..

I'ma lobby to go back. :) I really don't much want to cook.

ok.. I think I'm done. :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

learning curve

sixthsense3, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

so.. today I finally laundered the most recently finished socks.. the six dubloons ones and the sixth sense ones, pictured here.

they were both knit on #1 needles and 64 stitches.. the sixth sense ones are actually 66 stitches, I think.

the sixth sense ones are of lorna's laces shepherd sock and the six dubloons ones are of cherry tree hill supersock.

the sixth sense/lorna's laces ones were kinda small off the needles.. they fit, they're just kinda snug. the six dubloons cherry tree hill ones are like the most perfect socks.. ok.. tied for the most perfect fitting socks I've ever knit.. tied with a pair of lionbrand magic stripes socks on #3 needles with 56 stitches. those fit great too.

so I washed the 2 today and the lorna's laces ones didn't grow any.. I think next time I knit socks of it, I will either use more stitches, or.. and I'm pretty sure this would completely solve the fit issue.. fewer instep/more heel stitches on that short row heel. the six dubloons socks are even more wonderful out of the dryer than they were before they were washed and while they have.. fatter yarn, granted.. fewer stitches, I did put more of the stitches to the heel so it was deeper and that made the ankle bit more generous and.. I think that might be the key.

so.. that's what I've learned, or think I've learned and will continue to test, from my more recent knitting adventures. :)

Friday, June 09, 2006


I need to reformat my hard drive. both of 'em, actually.. that'd be best. I've never done that before. I got my first computer in.. 1990, I reckon.. right around the time aidan turned 3.. but my usual tactic is to replace the thing when it gets to the point it needs to be wiped clean because it's just too much work to clean it up any other way. :)

I think this is the first one I've kept more than 3 years.. it's about 4, some minute real soon.. but so far this time I haven't felt like it needs replacing. it probably needs vacuuming.. but otherwise, it isn't struggling to do anything I ask it to do yet so.. why replace it.. can't see the point.

so.. I need to reformat these hard drives. one at a time. so I moved everything remotely important to the F: drive... I think.. and once I make sure it's booting from the C: drive, I should.. do that reformat thing.. but.. I'm chicken! *sigh*.

found my cd's though.. that's a step in the right direction..

maybe I should move some music and photos to cd first just in case..

not lookin' forward to this.. sounds scary.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

six dubloons

six dubloons, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

I have new socks!! I call them "six dubloons in the bay" because they're part sixth sense (I love that garter stitch heel and toe.. so comfy..) and part dublin bay and because pirates are hot. :) they are made of cherry tree hill yarn, but no particular color.

that means I have no choice but to move on to the second boring gray man sock :( but! my feet are happy in new socks!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hey harlot!

I've spent the beginning of the week caught up in a whirlwind of impulsiveness.. one random impulsive comment on one of my e-lists has turned something bigger than I would have dreamed if I'd thought it through in the first place. it's pretty cool. tonight I added another random impulse into the soup and sent an email to the yarn harlot. :) what the heck. here it is. :

hey harlot!

you don't know me but hi, I'm anno. :) if you ever come to the middle of south carolina and I notice, my sock and I will come say hey in person and then you will know me but for now we'll just have to settle for not.

I had to laugh at that too big sweater today because the one time I tried to make a babygift sweater I chose 9mo size and my kids (at that point aged 2 and not quite conceived yet) wore that sweater for the next 5 years and I went out and bought a baby gift. that was the last time I tried to make a baby sweater (the not quite conceived yet one is 19 now), but I imagine I will try again when someone promises me a grandbaby.

anyway, the reason I'm writing is to offer you an opportunity to do some easier knitting in a semi-public sort of way and make a couple hundred lifelong fans. :)

it's a kinda funny story.

see.. I belong to this yahoogroup called..
ok, so I don't actually know what it's called. the heading on the yahoo groups page says :"
TownsendSocksKnitALong ยท T- Knit A Long" so.. it must be called one or the other of those things! is the url. so.. we must infer that the name is TownsendSocksKnitALong. :)

anyway, it's a nice sock knitting yahoogroup where we don't actually knit anything along, but there's a bunch of nice people and a bunch of nice patterns there in the file section that the list mom, jeanie townsend, invents and lets us knit. and at least once a week, someone new joins.. I mean I'm sure someone new joins way more than at least once a week but at least once a week one of those new people asks.. what are we knitting?

and the answer is always we're knitting whatever we want and talkin' about whatever we're knitting or.. whatever we want to talk about but there's some cool patterns in the file section! pick one and knit it!

so the other day, someone came and asked that and there's a sock (maple leaf sock) I've been wanting to knit and I thought.. what the heck.. so I told everybody I didn't figure there was any reason we *couldn't* knit something along, and I was planning to knit those maple leaves commencing on july 1 and anyone who wanted to knit 'em with me was welcome to do it and what is this, tuesday? already there's 100some people planning to knit this sock with me commencing on july 1.. there was a karma god of some sort sittin' on my shoulder when I proposed this because.. hey, I'm a somewhat self-absorbed easily distracted quasi-menopausal south carolina gal.. I'm not sure I even knew on some really deep subliminal level that july 1 IS canada day.. I picked 7/1 because I figured I could force myself to finish the second boring husband sock I haven't started yet by then and knitting delicious mapleleafs could be the carrot that got me there! I picked maple leaves because.. it's a cool pattern and I have yarn I accidentally bought on ebay that is just screaming to be.. maple leaf socks! great smiling karma gods.

anyway, I was thinkin' maybe you'd like to knit maple leaf socks commencing on canada day, along with us. :) it'd be fun. probably more fun for us than for you but still.. fun. :) heck.. if you're doing any more book traveling in july the maple leaf sock might get to travel and meet some of it's knittingalong siblings. :)


Saturday, June 03, 2006

front steps

front steps
Originally uploaded by alsoanno.

another adventure.. lets see if this works. :)

that's the view from the front door. notice the absence of lawn. one of these days maybe we'll find a grass that hates sun but loves hot, dry and muggy. currently, it fills in fairly well with moss, if we have a good long soggy period..


it seems on.

so.. I was wondering.. yesterday, I was talking to melanie and she was at work, taking apart folders of expired patients, and I allowed as how expired meant dead and she said yes, they were deceased.


what a weird word. why does deceased mean dead? ceased means.. stopped. unceasing means.. not stopping. deceased oughta mean.. unstopped.
deloused means removing the lice.. un loused..
defrocked means removing the frock... un-frocked.

unstopped sounds kinda the complete opposite of dead.. doesn't it?

thank you for your time. :)

oh. while I'm here I'll store my bit of knitting wisdom for posterity.

the other night.. not last night, the one before that, I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth standing there in front of the mirror and I had an epiphany of ease. all of a sudden it made sense. conveniently, yesterday on the sock knitting list, someone was tryin' to understand ease so I shared my new insight with her. people laughed. :) so.. I will share it with you, the nobody who reads this. :)

ease - defined by anno

I finally got this all sorted out in my head last night and don't reckon I'll forget it again.

it's like.. your skin fits you, exactly. that's exactly plain. your favorite comfy (baggy) tshirt fits.. because it's bigger than your skin. that's ease. a whoppin' great lot of ease, in the case of my favorite tshirt.. :) your sports bra fits.. because it's too small. :-P. because it squishes the bits that it's.. supposed to squish and keeps 'em where you want 'em to be instead of where they'd be left on their own, exactly plain. that's negative ease. :)

so.. ease and negative ease is pretty much knitting-speak for just right because it's not *quite* too big (ease) and just right because it's not *quite* too small (negative ease).

there ya go.

I took a picture of outside my front door the other day, to show off like fiddy but I moved it from the camera to the computer and can't for the life of me figure out where it went. if I ever do, I'll show it to you. :)