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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hey harlot!

I've spent the beginning of the week caught up in a whirlwind of impulsiveness.. one random impulsive comment on one of my e-lists has turned something bigger than I would have dreamed if I'd thought it through in the first place. it's pretty cool. tonight I added another random impulse into the soup and sent an email to the yarn harlot. :) what the heck. here it is. :

hey harlot!

you don't know me but hi, I'm anno. :) if you ever come to the middle of south carolina and I notice, my sock and I will come say hey in person and then you will know me but for now we'll just have to settle for not.

I had to laugh at that too big sweater today because the one time I tried to make a babygift sweater I chose 9mo size and my kids (at that point aged 2 and not quite conceived yet) wore that sweater for the next 5 years and I went out and bought a baby gift. that was the last time I tried to make a baby sweater (the not quite conceived yet one is 19 now), but I imagine I will try again when someone promises me a grandbaby.

anyway, the reason I'm writing is to offer you an opportunity to do some easier knitting in a semi-public sort of way and make a couple hundred lifelong fans. :)

it's a kinda funny story.

see.. I belong to this yahoogroup called..
ok, so I don't actually know what it's called. the heading on the yahoo groups page says :"
TownsendSocksKnitALong ยท T- Knit A Long" so.. it must be called one or the other of those things! is the url. so.. we must infer that the name is TownsendSocksKnitALong. :)

anyway, it's a nice sock knitting yahoogroup where we don't actually knit anything along, but there's a bunch of nice people and a bunch of nice patterns there in the file section that the list mom, jeanie townsend, invents and lets us knit. and at least once a week, someone new joins.. I mean I'm sure someone new joins way more than at least once a week but at least once a week one of those new people asks.. what are we knitting?

and the answer is always we're knitting whatever we want and talkin' about whatever we're knitting or.. whatever we want to talk about but there's some cool patterns in the file section! pick one and knit it!

so the other day, someone came and asked that and there's a sock (maple leaf sock) I've been wanting to knit and I thought.. what the heck.. so I told everybody I didn't figure there was any reason we *couldn't* knit something along, and I was planning to knit those maple leaves commencing on july 1 and anyone who wanted to knit 'em with me was welcome to do it and what is this, tuesday? already there's 100some people planning to knit this sock with me commencing on july 1.. there was a karma god of some sort sittin' on my shoulder when I proposed this because.. hey, I'm a somewhat self-absorbed easily distracted quasi-menopausal south carolina gal.. I'm not sure I even knew on some really deep subliminal level that july 1 IS canada day.. I picked 7/1 because I figured I could force myself to finish the second boring husband sock I haven't started yet by then and knitting delicious mapleleafs could be the carrot that got me there! I picked maple leaves because.. it's a cool pattern and I have yarn I accidentally bought on ebay that is just screaming to be.. maple leaf socks! great smiling karma gods.

anyway, I was thinkin' maybe you'd like to knit maple leaf socks commencing on canada day, along with us. :) it'd be fun. probably more fun for us than for you but still.. fun. :) heck.. if you're doing any more book traveling in july the maple leaf sock might get to travel and meet some of it's knittingalong siblings. :)



Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

You totally just outed yourself. HAWHAWHAW!

9:46 AM  
Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:46 AM  
Blogger anno said...

outted? it was e-mail. :)

9:49 AM  

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