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Friday, June 16, 2006

lost in space

I have a hard time finding where to go to actually post to this thing.. it's easiest when I have a picture and can tell flickr to "blog this". :)

I figured I could order my needles, somewhere, but I don't want to just order a set or two of #1 dpns so I keep trying to make knitpicks or elann have what I want and they keep.. not having it so today I got the bright idea to check webs.. and they have what I want *and* they have that yummy looking gedifra sock yarn I've been lusting after on closeout too.. so that may be the solution to my problem. :)

got some new cherry tree hill yarn in the mail yesterday.. thought it was gonna be greens and grays, that's what it said, that's how it looked in the picture but in my house it looks more greens and purples which is really quite attractive and appealing to me so I can't say I'm disappointed! .. however I don't think it's going to make the man socks I was hoping it would.. I was actually trying to buy *nice* yarn that did NOT appeal to me.. I have such a hard time parting with socks! at least it's enough for more than one pair so I can part with at least one. :) so now I must find more man yarn. my brothers in law might go for this green/purple stuff, we'll have to see how it knits but it is definitely not the stuff grandpa socks or dress socks are made of..

2-3 weekends ago my husband spent them both trapping squirrels and relocating them to a friend's farm in the country. he caught 2 the first weekend (memorial day.. was that 3 weekends ago? I'm sure he took last weekend off) and the following weekend, 5. he dislikes squirrels. when he was finished, 2 weekends ago, we had 1 squirrel left. :) the next day we had 2 squirrels. now we have 6 squirrels. I mean.. I don't know how many squirrels we have but I looked out the window this afternoon and admired this one squirrel spread out on the deck railing like a taxidermist had nailed him there, warmin' his belly and without movin' my head saw 5 more so.. there's at least 6 squirrels :). so I guess he's going to spend the weekend trapping and transporting squirrels again. now that I know that squirrels regenerate so quickly, I don't guess I mind and it seems to make him happy..

I started a new sock last night.. I'm not sure this one is for me, but I'm not sure who it is for instead either so.. hopefully I'll figure that out before I get to the toe!


Blogger joco said...

Can't stop laughing.

BTW, does he know that you have to take squirrels at least a mile away, or they come back.

So I am told. I have to confess that we don't recycle them. And I was sure that they were territorial and didn't allow competitors on their patch. I usually only see one. (UK)

4:27 AM  

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