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Friday, June 30, 2006

today is the day!!

maple leaf yarn hank, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

well.. at midnight it will be the day we start the maple leaf sock KAL! I can't wait. there are more than 160 of us going to be knitting this sock! this is the yarn I'm going to be using.. it's cherry tree hill supersock in an unofficial colorway, but it looks like maple leaves to me. :) I'm showing it to you in it's hank because I'm too embarrassed to show you what a horrible job I did of winding the other hank of it into balls.

this is the yarn that started the whole KAL thing.. I bought this pretty goofy lookin' hunk of yarn on ebay back towards the end of april..


it was a 1lb mill end hunk of the cherry tree hill sock yarn and yeah, it's goofy lookin' but I can't afford that yarn under normal circumstances and I was feelin' left out of the fancy yarn experience and the price was right so I figured what the heck, I'll just knit a lot of really goofy lookin' socks, 'eh? but when it unwound, it unwound into the yarn that made those 6 dubloons socks back in the earlier entries, and this yarn, and a batch of nearly solid deep teal that's also really pretty.. and when I saw this yarn the first thing I thought was that's gonna be jeanie's maple leaves. :) so.. that started that. :)

oh.. ok..

sloppy yarnballs

there they are. the ugly yarnballs. yes.. they. it came out of the hank in two pieces. not complainin'. :) pathetic, huh? I've gotten better at the winding the ball thing since I switched random household items to use as a nostepinde. :)but.. I figure these'll knit just as well ugly as they would pretty. I'll wind the rest when I run out of this.


mata parrot sock in progress

this is how I'm occupying my time waiting for it to be midnight. :)

happy canada day, alla y'all. :-D


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