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Friday, September 28, 2007

thai peanut stuff

that's what's for dinner tonight. I was going to make pad thai, but I went to the grocery store yesterday knowing I needed to go but having no idea what I was going to buy, so all I remembered for sure that pad thai wanted was green onions and cilantro and bean sprouts. kroger didn't have any bean sprouts. so there will be mushrooms and carrots and snow peas in the thai peanut stuff tonight. since I'm not feeding any thais, probably I won't get in too much trouble for this. :)

roza's socks

here's a less sad looking picture of roza's socks. fair is coming, and I have to deliver my fair socks on tuesday or wednesday and I decided they would probably have a happier trip to fair if they were blocked, so I finally broke down and bought some sock blockers. snazzy red ones, from the loopy ewe. they only have small and extra large in stock at this moment but last week they had large (which is what I need, all the women I knit for wear between 8 and 10 shoes, so the small ones may be a little over-blocked.. next time I have money to spare I'll buy a pair of mediums), so I got those, and a pair of xl ones for man socks too. I've been having a lot of fun blocking the christmas socks that are completed, so they look better for gifting.

I got some yarn too, a huge splurge, full-priced yarn, I don't know when I've ever done that before!

GypsyKnits, Merry Go Round

this superwash BFL from gypsy knits, it's called "merry go round",

Zen String Bambewe, Sedona

and this wool/bamboo blend from zen strings, it's called "sedona". it doesn't make much sense to me that it's called sedona, in my memory, sedona is more redorange and green.. but that's what it's called anyway.

I ordered yarn because I always choose to pay for stuff rather than shipping.. and because I just couldn't resist. :)

I ordered a lot more yarn actually.. but not sock yarn this time! are you amazed?! I swapped some sock yarn for 6 balls of peace fleece on the knittyboards a few weeks ago.. I started a swapping conversation with a gal who had a bunch of yarn she wanted to swap for a skein of sock yarn, and she mentioned cherry tree hill as being one of the things she would like.. and I'm wanting to make a tomten jacket for my nephew's stepson, so I thought maybe this yarn would do the job, and I have.. well, not as much now as I did before, but a lot of CTH hill ends.. and I usually don't buy one that's less than 9oz and it rarely takes 3oz to make a pair of socks so I had some to spare, so I asked if she'd be interested in that, and showed her a couple to pick from, and she asked if I'd like to swap them both. and this was 10 balls of yarn we were talkin', that was more than reasonable so I considered it.. and I considered the yarn, and decided that the yarn wasn't actually suitable for that jacket anyway and suggested she'd probably rather take a different offer. but she liked that yarn, and asked if there was anything else I'd like to swap for it, and I said I'd like something tweedy and wooly to make a tomten jacket for a 3yo, and she said she had 6 skeins of peace fleece, how would that do? and I said OK. even though she was happy with that trade, I felt guilty so I added in a 3rd batch of CTH and then wound off an ounce of solid to go with, in case one or other of 'em didn't actually make a whole pair of socks.. I'm sure the first two will but the second.. not quite as sure.. so I made sure there was yarn for the heels/toes just in case. and I still know I got the better end of that swap, but..

peace fleece

anyway, the yarn arrived, good lord what a lot of yarn, it's DK peace fleece, so 2100 yards in the 6 skeins (color is a little off in the photo.. but it's gorgeous :)), would make sweaters for an army of toddlers so I decided to make a sweater for my son, and I expect I'm going to have enough left to make that tomten too. I'm making aidan the seamless hybrid from elizabeth zimmermann, following the lead of brooklyn tweed so I had to order another skein for the hem facings, in a contrasting color. :) then I swatched the yarn, and washed the swatch a couple times, and fell so in love with it I decided I needed yarn for more sweaters, so I sent off for wholesale info and placed a wholesale order and a week later 24 more skeins of the stuff arrived at my house. rofl.. I am insane, I don't even know if I can make a sweater!


but I'm tryin'. :) so far it's just a tube with a hem, so.. not too challenging (although it took me 3 tries to be happy with the hem..). we'll see what happens when it gets to the sleeves..


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WHERE do I find zen strings "sedona"???


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