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Saturday, June 03, 2006


it seems on.

so.. I was wondering.. yesterday, I was talking to melanie and she was at work, taking apart folders of expired patients, and I allowed as how expired meant dead and she said yes, they were deceased.


what a weird word. why does deceased mean dead? ceased means.. stopped. unceasing means.. not stopping. deceased oughta mean.. unstopped.
deloused means removing the lice.. un loused..
defrocked means removing the frock... un-frocked.

unstopped sounds kinda the complete opposite of dead.. doesn't it?

thank you for your time. :)

oh. while I'm here I'll store my bit of knitting wisdom for posterity.

the other night.. not last night, the one before that, I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth standing there in front of the mirror and I had an epiphany of ease. all of a sudden it made sense. conveniently, yesterday on the sock knitting list, someone was tryin' to understand ease so I shared my new insight with her. people laughed. :) so.. I will share it with you, the nobody who reads this. :)

ease - defined by anno

I finally got this all sorted out in my head last night and don't reckon I'll forget it again.

it's like.. your skin fits you, exactly. that's exactly plain. your favorite comfy (baggy) tshirt fits.. because it's bigger than your skin. that's ease. a whoppin' great lot of ease, in the case of my favorite tshirt.. :) your sports bra fits.. because it's too small. :-P. because it squishes the bits that it's.. supposed to squish and keeps 'em where you want 'em to be instead of where they'd be left on their own, exactly plain. that's negative ease. :)

so.. ease and negative ease is pretty much knitting-speak for just right because it's not *quite* too big (ease) and just right because it's not *quite* too small (negative ease).

there ya go.

I took a picture of outside my front door the other day, to show off like fiddy but I moved it from the camera to the computer and can't for the life of me figure out where it went. if I ever do, I'll show it to you. :)


Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

SO pretty out that door~

ok, the 'deceased' thing is one I've never contemplated. Bizarre.

Get busy, bloggerwoman!

2:37 PM  

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