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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


PICT0103a, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

this is a sorta old picture of my babycat, harpo. he's a yankee doodle dandy.. born on the 4th of july.

well.. that's his arbitrary birthday, we don't know when his real birthday is. I got him (for myself!) for *my* birthday, last year.. the day after my birthday, so harpo day is january 22nd. and he was.. around 6 months old at the time so.. he needed a july birthday and I picked 4th of july because it's easy to remember. :) so.. his birthday is comin' up, he'll be 2. he's probably around 9 months in this picture.

harpo is such a fun goofball but he's *really* fuzzy. more fuzzy than that shows. last year he didn't really shed much because he was not full grown coming in to warm weather so.. I guess he wasn't fully furred. this year he emulates the ripe dandelion. if you look at him sideways, clouds of fluff spring off him and travel through the breeze.

I am *so* allergic to this fun cat. or.. maybe I'm allergic to persimmon, the cranky old cat. whatever.. I am a sneezin' snifflin' runny itchy-eyed gal and I know it's their fault. and I don't care. I gladly pad the profit line of.. whoever makes my tissues and I really don't mind sneezin, it's.. a form of exercise, after all.. and for the most part I just be allergic.. although my bottle of antihistamine eye drops might very well be my best friend.

this is relevant. :)

to compliment my allergic runny bleary eyes, I'm alternating between 2yo bifocals to function (read walk drive) and doublestrength sams cheaters to knit.. and it's all working pretty well!

'cept for tiny fiddly close stuff. which is why I still haven't decided what to do about this blue sock. I'm sure it will make a sock that will fit someone if I frog it back to the ankle and give it a flap heel. but.. it's a 72 stitch sock that is too small.. it's almost 10 stitches/inch and the chore of frogging and picking up those tiny stitches is daunting enough that I think it really wouldn't take much longer to just start over. and I haven't convinced myself I like the leg part enough to go through that ordeal!

I think I'm going to buy myself a pair of that size between 1 and 2 needles. 2.5mm, is that it? I think there is no real reason this yarn needs to be knitted at nearly 10 stitches per inch and if that's what it's knitting to on these needles no wonder I can't make socks that fit outta this stuff.. surely something between 8 and 9 would make a perfectly nice pair of socks that would fit someone! I can't seem to lay my hands on an adequate number of 2's to try that.. so maybe I'll get another set of them too. and another set of 1's. :)

LC says.. if ya gotta frog you gotta frog. well.. of course I know that.. I'll close the toe of the do-over sock from yesterday before today is finished. :) it's just frustrating when it seems like everything you start is doomed to fail. when I get a full pair out of one of these pairs in progress, I'll do another pair of six dubloons I think.. same yarn same needles same size sock oughta work..


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