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Saturday, June 10, 2006

learning curve

sixthsense3, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

so.. today I finally laundered the most recently finished socks.. the six dubloons ones and the sixth sense ones, pictured here.

they were both knit on #1 needles and 64 stitches.. the sixth sense ones are actually 66 stitches, I think.

the sixth sense ones are of lorna's laces shepherd sock and the six dubloons ones are of cherry tree hill supersock.

the sixth sense/lorna's laces ones were kinda small off the needles.. they fit, they're just kinda snug. the six dubloons cherry tree hill ones are like the most perfect socks.. ok.. tied for the most perfect fitting socks I've ever knit.. tied with a pair of lionbrand magic stripes socks on #3 needles with 56 stitches. those fit great too.

so I washed the 2 today and the lorna's laces ones didn't grow any.. I think next time I knit socks of it, I will either use more stitches, or.. and I'm pretty sure this would completely solve the fit issue.. fewer instep/more heel stitches on that short row heel. the six dubloons socks are even more wonderful out of the dryer than they were before they were washed and while they have.. fatter yarn, granted.. fewer stitches, I did put more of the stitches to the heel so it was deeper and that made the ankle bit more generous and.. I think that might be the key.

so.. that's what I've learned, or think I've learned and will continue to test, from my more recent knitting adventures. :)


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