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Sunday, June 18, 2006

ill-fated blue sock

ill-fated blue sock, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

it started well enough. I was using sockbug's lava flow pattern and called it "glacier flow" because it.. doesn't look at all like lava. it's going pretty well, I executed my first ever non-garterstitch short row heel adequately if not exceptionally and I'm cruisin' on down the foot, not bad progress at all.

but it doesn't fit.

erin is coming out this afternoon so I'll get her to try it on before I do anything drastic.. if it fits her then I'll keep going and they'll just be.. for her or mary sue or one of the grandma's.. that'd work. if they don't fit her then.. some frogging will commence.. maybe just back to the ankle, I'm pretty sure they'll fit.. someone, anyway :) with a flap heel..

or.. I may just start over all together.

kinda frustrating.


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