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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

here we go...


the finished campanula for the cure socks.
knitpicks risata, burgundy color.. none of the photos look anything like the color the yarn actually is.. at least not on my screen. 2.5mm needles.

I really enjoyed knitting this yarn pretty much, and I like how it feels on my feet. I like that it's a fair bit cotton, that's a boon in this climate.. at least for this part of the year. I wish it came in more colors. girlier colors. :) I believe, based on the quantity of the leftovers from these socks, that I will require 3 balls if I'm going to knit mansocks. there are leftovers, but man socks will need more stitches in addition to more rows, and I don't believe they would be sufficient to get the job done. I did find a knot in each ball, which was a surprise.. each time.. not hugely inconvenient I guess but I would have preferred to not have to deal with that.

still.. I like the yarn. :) I'll order a couple more balls next time I'm tossing some money at knitpicks.

you can tell which one has been finished a while and tried on a bunch, and which one just came off the needles, 'eh?


Blogger N. Maria said...

Very, very nice! The color and pattern work very well together. Nice knitting.

6:34 PM  

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