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Friday, June 09, 2006


I need to reformat my hard drive. both of 'em, actually.. that'd be best. I've never done that before. I got my first computer in.. 1990, I reckon.. right around the time aidan turned 3.. but my usual tactic is to replace the thing when it gets to the point it needs to be wiped clean because it's just too much work to clean it up any other way. :)

I think this is the first one I've kept more than 3 years.. it's about 4, some minute real soon.. but so far this time I haven't felt like it needs replacing. it probably needs vacuuming.. but otherwise, it isn't struggling to do anything I ask it to do yet so.. why replace it.. can't see the point.

so.. I need to reformat these hard drives. one at a time. so I moved everything remotely important to the F: drive... I think.. and once I make sure it's booting from the C: drive, I should.. do that reformat thing.. but.. I'm chicken! *sigh*.

found my cd's though.. that's a step in the right direction..

maybe I should move some music and photos to cd first just in case..

not lookin' forward to this.. sounds scary.



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