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where the cats in my head unwind the thread of my thoughts around the legs of the furniture.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I'll be back with more to say eventually.. I reached the "damnit" stage on both my WIP's over the weekend.. you know that place.. where you have to go backwards 8-12 rows to fix something rather than go forward which is what you want to do... but they're both going forward again now, thank goodness. :)

BUT! you people.. if there are any of you.. that read this.. do me a favor!

go here and watch this movie and (if you don't hate it) give it a thumbs up! lots of my people (and both my kids) were involved one way or another in making this film. :) you do have to register/log in to vote but I don't think I've ever gotten any sort of email from youtube so it won't spamify you..

in other interesting news, ted and I went down to participate in the record-breaking yo-yo event yesterday.. haha.. it was funner and less a zoo than I expected it to be so I'm glad we went, got to see aidan for a minute, and melanie and daniel and emily and.. most importantly added a fancy WUSC limited edition commerative yo-yo to my collection. :)

y'all didn't know I collected yo-yo's, didja? well.. now you do. what startling secret will I reveal next? :P

Thursday, March 08, 2007

cedar creek

cedar creek

finally got these finished last night. they weren't all that difficult once they got going but they were fiddly all the way through so I took a fairly good break between the first one and the second one. it's cherry tree hill yarn, in an actual named colorway this time :), something about green mountains, I think. I photographed them several ways and got them to appear 2 different general colors, neither of which really looks much like the color they look in person so.. we'll just go with this one, it's more or less in focus, at least. :) 2.5mm needles. I didn't think they were going to fit me, they look skinny but that ribbing is pretty stretchy, they fit great. :)

was my first time doing a picot top, that wasn't as difficult as I had been afraid it would be. I won't avoid it next time I come across it.

several fiddly socks in a row though, so I've moved on to a pair of plain loud-colored cotton blend summer socks, for a bit of a vacation.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

monkey see monkey do :)

monkey socks

here they are, my finished monkey socks. they should be in the mail today but they're not.. tomorrow I hope. :)

I changed the heel.. I don't know what the name of this heel is, but it works like.. you do the normal sl1 k1 on the right side, then you turn it around and do sl1 p1 on the flip side, and keep doing that back and forth. it takes more rows to get long enough but feels so nice.. and looks nice, I think.

they're going to be for my sister for her birthday, the yarn is regia nordic in some colorway that's blue, and I bought it at that yarn shop in heidelberg while we were traveling in january, so it seemed destined to be her socks. hope she likes them. I wish I'd bought more of that yarn..