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Sunday, June 25, 2006


LC said I was speedy. :)

It's not really true.. it's easy to appear speedy when you're knitting with fat yarn and fat needles and not doing a great lot else but knitting. :)

that magic stripes yarn is kinda fat. those socks don't feel very comfy right now, but I know they will once they're washed. I've knit 2 other pairs of socks from that yarn.. the first one I never photographed because they're kinda ugly in pretty much every respect.. the yarn is one of those conglomerations of colors that look appealing enough in a ball but really are fairly ugly, once they stripe up, and it was the first pair I made that lived, I think.. I knit one of 'em twisted and the other one untwisted and they just look ridiculous. :)

that's the second pair. I love those socks. they were my favorites of the ones I kept myself, til I did the dubloon ones. I like the looks of other yarns more, I like the feel of other yarns more when I'm knitting them, but I enjoy knitting magic stripes in a plain stockinette sock because it's just.. relaxing. not at all stressful (unless you try to mess with what works!). it makes nice comfy socks (these don't feel very nice right now, I'll launder them before I gift them). and it's cheap. :) I wish AC Moore had a better selection of colors, when I was there the other day they only had 4 colors to pick from and I can tell just by lookin' at one of 'em that I hate it already. who knows.. the whole family may wind up with gray and blue and brown stiped socks by the time it's christmas.

I like the looks of all the fancy socks I see everywhere. I've collected a gazillion patterns but I really enjoy knitting plainer ones more, I think. I finished the first blue sock this afternoon, and it's wonderful. ok, it's not wonderful but it's a nice sock, it fits well, I'm glad I switched to the #2 needles and I may try those on the more wooly regia next time. I'll take picture of these blue socks once I finish the second one.. maybe tuesday. :)

I think I need to find a bunch of people to knit with in person, sometime.. so I can compare and get a better handle on this whole.. knitting loose knitting tight firm fabric stretchy fabric thing. I like these socks on the #2's. I did another pair of this same yarn on #1's and yep, that's a nice firm fabric but I like this stretchier fabric better!

and.. am I then only person who knits tighter feet than legs? I dunno what's up with that but that first pair of socks of this regia surf stuff.. lemme find it's picture too..

that was when there was just one sock and before it was washed.. that sock is so short because I *hated* knitting that pattern.. rofl. anyway.. if it was as firm in the leg as it is in the foot.. you could use that thing as a pressure bandage. ankle wrap. that's one snug, firm sock. personally.. I think I prefer a bit of stretch in my socks.. and that's not the only pair that's worked out that way.. they all seem to tighten up some once I get to the foot. maybe that's normal..

so.. if you're reading this and have stuck with me this long, pipe up and tell me what needles you'd knit regular regia sock yarn on, and what SPI you get, with those needles.. and perhaps if I collect enough responses, I can gain some understanding.. figure out whether I knit loose or tight. become able to imagine what people mean by firm fabric. make better decisions regarding number of stitches/needle size I start with. and hopefully wind up frogging fewer socks. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of your socks are really lovely, and I'm sorry the pair using Regia surf didn't fit, because they look gorgeous.

I'm still learning what size needles work best with the different yarns too. It's one of those try and see things. And I know it has to be different for most people. I like a soft fabric over a tight one, and I tend to knit losely. So when someone recommends a particular needle size for a specific yarn, I have to play around with several swatches before I find exactly what I want.

Happy knitting.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I usually use a size 0 needle on regular sock yarn (regia, opal, etc.), aiming for about 8 spi. I usually get more like 7.5, though, I think. The fabric seems firm enough without being stiff, wears well (at least the ones I've kept for myself - haven't heard from any giftees that their socks are having problems).

8:07 AM  
Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

I use size 0 or 1 on just about everything. I think the cuffs of most socks are designed to be a bit "slouchy", or at least that's how they always end up for me.

5:34 PM  

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