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Thursday, June 15, 2006

boring gray man socks are DONE!

gray man sock 6, originally uploaded by alsoanno.


these are ted's new socks. boring and gray and long. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn before I ran out of sock but there's a little left.. most of a dark gray stripe and the thin white stripe after, that I cut off to start the second sock, and the rest of the dark gray stripe from the end of the second toe and that's IT.

on the one hand they weren't a lot of fun to knit because gray is boring.. at least there were stripes.. but on the other hand they were sorta fun to knit because ted is so excited to be getting his own socks! that's pretty cool.

next I'm going to do a pair of regia surf socks, I think I'm going to do sockbug's lava flow socks, even though my yarn doesn't look anything like lava. haven't decided who they're going to be for yet, but since I just finished socks for someone else and don't have any other socks in progress, odds are they're going to be mine. :) but maybe not.. I really need to get started stockpiling socks for christmas! got some yarn today that's going to make at least one pair of christmas socks (and at least one pair of *me* socks) but I have a lot of this regia stashed, 4 balls of the surf? maybe 5.. 4 more balls of the patch antik so I'm forcing myself to knit one of them and then something else and since I started the six dubloons socks after I started the boring gray socks, technically speaking, it's time for another of these regias so.. I think that's what I'll do next.

how did I do that.. oh.. I had the boring man sock on the bendy bamboos to start with..

I *really* need another pair of #1 needles. aidan and I trekked out to the yarn store today.. is only open thursday friday saturday 11-3 and today is thursday, right? wasn't open. :( so we went to the used book store and got 7 books for 10 bucks.. 1 book for him (6 bucks), 6 books for me (3/1.99) then we went to manifest.. the local non-chain record store (they actually have some records so I can call it that) because there were 2 things on my shopping list for fathers day (carolyn aiken cd and the station agent movie) so we went to best buy yesterday and they didn't have either.. so I got band of brothers instead for the movie but was still trying for the CD. after a complete and comprehensive tour of the store I finally did find a little plastic divider thing for carolyn aiken (all I had was a name.. I had to tour all the genres..) but no CD. I did, however, find these odd guns that shoot odd things.. one of them shoots plastic ninjas, and the other one shoots plastic pigs. they also had ones that shot cows, cats, brides and grooms, rubber chickens, and frightened nuns) so I got ted 2 guns instead of a CD. that probably sounds weird *but*.. I believe those ninjas and pigs are close enough to the right size to call 'em S gauge.. I didn't buy 'em for the guns, I bought 'em for his train layout. every railroad town needs ninjas.. right? :) so.. socks, movies and ninja/pig guns.. sounds like fathers day to me. :)

oh.. then we went to this new chinese buffet joint we got a flyer for in the mail yesterday.. turns out it just opened.. yesterday or today.. so they were havin' a 10% off sale on the 6.99 lunch buffet and the brochure looked pretty fancy so we went to case the joint in case ted might like to go to chinese buffet for fathers day dinner instead of me havin' to cook it (anno's dont' cook on sunday unless it's fathers day) and it was pretty nice, they had a lot of food and something for everyone but not the fancy dinner stuff like crablegs and peking duck and they weren't actively grilling, although I reckon they mighta if we'd asked 'em to.. what'd I have.. zucchini and peppers, and green beans, and fried rice, and general tso's chicken and coconut chicken and black pepper chicken (the best of the lot) and garlic shrimp and cheese wonton and a steamed dumpling and a.. sesame-seed encrusted orb that was filled with a dab of.. plum paste? I dunno what the heck that was, but it was.. interesting..

I'ma lobby to go back. :) I really don't much want to cook.

ok.. I think I'm done. :)


Blogger Lera said...

The sesame encrusted orb was filled with sweetened red bean paste. They are my favorite. Like your blog. I love to knit sox too.

Lera in Michigan

9:15 AM  
Blogger joco said...

Hiya anno,

I was looking for an image of the double-flowered white campanula and somehow ended up with your pair of red sox.
(the mind boggles.)
Still, I am enjoying reading some of your posts.Nice style of writing.

Amazingly the only pair of sox I ever knitted looks identical to yours. I used Rowan silk/wool in coral red. I actually have a picture up somewhere, forget where.
Why did you stop blogging? And do you know about the wonderful sock knitting round needles (10 cm plus round ) from the German company called Addis I believe.) If you are still around leave a message on my comments blog.

4:21 AM  
Blogger joco said...

I meant to say that these 'boring' sox look great.

4:22 AM  

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