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Saturday, June 24, 2006

finished 'em

mansock6, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

those easy mansocks that frustrated me the other day.. they worked up pretty qickly on the re-do, and then defied all my efforts to photograph them for several days.

making them mansized took more yarn than I had, I ran out early in the second toe decreasing but.. it's inexpensive and readily available yarn so I trotted down to AC Moore and got another ball. that made the decision as to who these socks are intended for easier, they will be for my brother in law, and the remaining yarn will make a pair of shorter legged and shorter footed but otherwise similar socks for his wife.. because they will get a kick out of having matching socks. :)

they, however, are going to have to wait. once done, I frogged the blue sock back to nothing and started again. 3 times, so far! I'm just past the heel now so no confirmation that it fits but it appears plenty stretchy. I settled on a bit of 1x1 rib to start and then 4x2 rib for leg and instep with garter stitch heel and toe.. on 66 stitches and #2 needles.

#2 needles.

that sounds big, doesn't it? people talk about knitting socks on 0's and smaller.. I don't know how they do it! or why, for that matter. these seem a little loose right now but I know they'll work that out in the wash, I'm getting 8spi on the 2's and they're summer socks. I am convinced 2's was the right decision for this yarn. and me. :)

although.. I still want to find myself a set of 1.5's before I tackle another ball of this yarn..

got the house to myself for most of the night, ted's up in NC at a train show, aidan's off downtown for dinner and a concert so it's just me and the cats and my knitting. :) sounds perfect. well.. it'd be perfect if there was a mexican joint that delivered.. I sure could go for some mexican. haha.. in more ways than one, I guess.. sure.. I could go get some mexican.. but I don't want it that bad. :)


Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

They're beautiful! (although, I worry about married couples who find any interest at all in having matching socks, but that's just me.)

You're a fast knitter! I'm so proud of you!

3:36 PM  
Blogger anno said...

haha.. well.. thank you for being proud of me, that's sorta embarassing!

6:42 PM  

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