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Thursday, August 16, 2007


look at me, I'm back again. and.. I may not be done yet.

I was sewing the buttons on my baby surprise jacket.. *finally* when the doorbell rang and startled the sweater out of my lap.. was the postman and he brought me TWO packages.

One, a swap from the knitty swap board, two balls of STR fairgrounds.. I'll take their picture later, the camera batteries gave out on me..

and the other, my rut-busting swap package, all the way from australia! such an exciting package.. look!

rut-busting swap :)

a magazine! I can't wait to sit down and enjoy it. :) a magnetic notepad. Someone's been peeking in my kitchen and saw the terrible state my grocery list is in.. I actually *needed* this. :). a skein of striped sock yarn in brown, gray and cream.. I have tons of plain cream to fill in heels toes cuffs/whatever to go with this! 2 balls.. one red, one cream, of alpaca.. wow.. so soft! I'm going to swatch a small bit of this in stripes and see if it comes out of the sink still looking like waldo, or if it comes out lookin' like strawberry shortcake :) doesn't matter either way I don't think, but nice to know from the get-go. :) alpaca socks? or maybe mittens. :) and a big ball of washable wool in gorgeous fern colorway.. all greens and tans and spring-like, from celia's basket. AND.. gummy dinosaurs... AND!!! loads! of cherry ripe (which is now having a nice relaxing cool-down in the fridge!). heaven must be sorta like this. :)

SO fun.. my first knitting-related secret pal swap ever.. won't be my last! wow. :)

Ok.. I'm back..
socks that rock "fairgrounds"

here's the lovely yarn I got today from diane at knitty, in exchange for some of my own that I could spare. socks that rock light weight, in fairgrounds colorway. perhaps not a color I'd have chosen from the full range but! a chance to try out the light weight and see what I think of it. I have a christmas wishlist to prepare, don't ya know.. some STR may want to be on it. then again, it may not. we'll find out. :)

and this..

baby surprise!

is the baby surprise jacket, all done with it's buttons on. I think it's cute. I sure hope it actually fits a baby.

anyone know how big a baby is? I've long since forgotten..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi anno
I am soo glad you liked all the goodies, I bought you a bag and a bar so if any other members of your household try to steal the big cherry ripe bar they can be told- no that is mine have a small one instead. The Fern yarn is from an indy seller here in australia, which thanks to this swap I have now discovered.

(and I will always swap yarn for cherry ripes!!)

Your SP

10:33 PM  

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