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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the sheep shed

I need to respond to a comment on an earlier post and can't see a way to do so!

Becky, who is from SC but lives in Virginia (which makes her kind of the opposite of me.. born in virginia, living in SC) wanted to know about the sheep shed. the sheep shed.. or sheep shed studio.. is this nice online business that sells all kinds of fleecy fibery things and a lot of brown sheep closeouts/seconds at *really great* prices! really great. :) I'm obviously most interested in sock yarns so I've purchased wildfoote, wildfoote handpaints and cotton fine (which makes a nice summer sock :)) but there's lots of other good stuff to choose from too. Color selections are limited but I never have any trouble finding stuff I want/need.

anyway, that's what I'm using to knit the gansey sock, the mistletoe wildfoote from the sheep shed. the color of this as it appears on my monitor is not very similar to the color the yarn appears at my house, but I can't say for sure that there aren't some skeins that do look that color.. I'm really fond of the color I have here, and may well order another couple. :) on the other hand, there's a few colors available now that weren't when I last ordered so maybe I'll get them, instead.


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