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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more socks :)

lacy scallops

I finished the lacy scallops socks last night. :) Cherry tree hill Sockittome mill end.. I bought 9 ounces and finished these socks for my size 10.5ish feet with less than 1/3 of the lot, so.. I guess I'll be making some more stuff of this color. :)

man socks

I finished the first of the plain man socks, except for kitchenering the toe closed.. I figured not doing that until the second sock is finished will insure I don't run out of yarn. :) this is regia galaxy in the wald colorway. second one is started, but since it's a nice mindless plain stockinette sock, I generally save it for working on late at night so it may take a while to get done.

I love gansey

I started the I love Gansey sock, the current project of the six_sox_knitalong yahoo group. this one is a pretty serious reach for me, not as much because of all the cable stuff.. although I have next to no experience with cables.. as because there's just so much going on to keep track of.. the big cable bit = a 20 row repeat, the heart bit = a 15 row repeat, and the little cables.. one row going // and the other row going \\ on each half, twisting every 4th row. this is seriously taxing my already fairly scattered brain. this is probably the sharpest clearest photo I've ever taken of a sock too, and yet it's horrible far as showing what's actually going on with the sock (perhaps you can see that so far I have one section of the skinny cables twisting after 3 rows, and another section further along twisting after 5.. I figured nobody would ever really know but me and I don't believe it bothers me. these socks are of.. will be of wildfoote seconds/closeouts I bought from the sheep shed. the dye job on these skeins is somewhat inconsistent so I reckon that accounts for the second thing. I find it really appealing though, and perfectly suited for this sock. :)


Anonymous Brenda said...

that is the same exact yarn that I was doing these in...was doing great until I hit the heal, then I messed up the heart....and I just wasn't happy with it so frogging...wahhhhh!
Your's looks great, hope for better luck for you!

10:03 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Those socks are beautiful. I started my first sock today :) toe up . . . cute blog

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Becky Elder said...

I love the yarn you are knitting the Gansey sock sheep shed an online store or a local SC store? Just joined the six sox group and want a pair just like yours!!

BTW....I am SC born...and heading to Pauley's Island in just a few weeks for vacation!!! Cannot wait! The beach and relatives all in one trp.

Disputanta, VA

6:36 AM  

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