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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

swapping goodness

I forgot to say how excited I am about finally managing to make some good swaps at knitty. I mailed out today one swap of a 4oz CTH mill end in a color I just don't really care for and 2 skeins of seconds/closeouts cotton fine I got for cheap, in exchange for a skein of light weigh socks that rock.. in a color that I wouldn't have chosen, but someone will like the socks, I may even like them myself once they're made, but it gives me a chance to try the light weight.. I haven't been overwhelmed with lust for more after my experiences with the medium weight, partly because I really dislike dramatic pooling and partly because the yarn is just too heavy to be very practical in south carolina!.. it sure is fun to knit though.. wish I knew more people who lived in cold places and liked dramatically pooling socks.. :-P. but it really was yummy to knit regardless of what it looks like so I'm excited to have a chance to knit the finer weight and see what I think of it, without having to actually buy it. I will probably replace that cotton fine because I was kinda fond of that color..

and I also mailed out a skein of CTH life's a beach that I got as a christmas gift.. that particular colorway just didn't speak to me at all.. I couldn't get excited about wearing socks of it myself and couldn't convince myself any of the people on my socks gift list would love it either, I've been trying to swap it for a while and finally did, for a skein of fleece artist merino sock in a colorway I'll have to see to decide if I/anyone will be crazy about it but it's a new yarn for me and I'll be excited to knit it... I think I'll like it fine if it doesn't scream "someone else!".. it's so hard to tell with fleece artist, my limited experience indicates that even if you look at pictures and know what the color looks like, the yarn that comes may be completely different.. but all my limited experience is with nova sock so I'm excited to try the other flavor, regardless of what it looks like. :)

really excited. hopping up and down can't wait excited. :) on both counts! very very pleased with my trades.. I hope the people that are receiving my stuff in return feel the same way.

also I'm looking forward with great anticipation to my knitty rut-busting swap exchange.. I'm really looking more forward to my gal I sent stuff to getting her package.. I sure hope she likes.. at least something.. I think it was a good package... I bought the same stuff for me and *I* like it.. :) than I am to getting my own package but!... I am some kind of looking forward to getting my own package.. so much fun, getting suprises in the mail. :) so much fun. I hope it comes soon. I hope my package gets received soon too.. it should more than have arrived, I.. I'm guessing the gal I sent it to must be out of town. she better be out of town havin' a good time. :)

I think I'll go wander over to the sheep shed and see what kind of stash-replenishment I can ponder there...


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