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Monday, July 09, 2007

the long and winding...

road... ok.. that's a bit too cliche even for me. .

I've spent a large part of this day winding yarn. I have wound.. 26 ounces of sock yarn.. somewhere in excess of 2600 yards. If you're thinkin' what's she whining about, that's a piece of cake, you either have fancy tools I don't have or are much younger and more flexible. :) geez.. I don't so much enjoy winding yarn. I.. enjoy it more in the winter, but.. not much more. but.. I keep acquiring more and more yarn that needs winding and I keep knitting the yarns that came in a form from which I can knit them without doing anything to them and the balance has tilted.. I now have far more yarn in need of winding than I have in a form from which I can just choose it and commence to knit.. and the yarn in need of winding is mostly much more appealing, or tempting, except for that pesky winding thing.. than what is.. in a form from which I can just pick it up and knit. with some exceptions.

oddly perhaps.. the yarns I wound today are not the most tempting of the ones waiting winding, either. I have 8 skeins of lorna's laces on hand and I wound the 2 that are my least favorite. I have 4 skeins of fleece artist and I wound the one that.. is my least favorite (but also the one that's most likely to make man-socks). I also wound 2 skeins of royale hare in a range of dark blues, a 4oz cherry tree hill mill end in solid turquoise and a 10oz cherry tree hill mill end that is a bunch of colors. it wound into 3 balls, none quite like another but close to the same size.. I think I can get a pair of socks each out of 2 of them and the third.. maybe not quite.. which is why I also wound the turquoise, I was thinking it might be willing to donate heels and toes to at least one pair.. now I'm thinking maybe I should have chosen the purple so I may do it next.

but not today. it's tiring. pieces of me hurt.

I wound ones that are not my personal favorites.. that were purchased with other people in mind because I have knit more pairs for myself than for other people lately and I need to get a few more pairs into the christmas knitting so it's not crazy like it was last year. so.. next.. after I finish the sock on needles (a plain summer sock.. for me..) and.. maybe the mate to the one I finished yesterday (a socks that rock horcrux that.. may be for someone else.. but.. may not :) ).. definitely next is going to have to be a gift pair. definitely.

sarah asked about the friend of the towel yesterday.. he's a black cat candy jar that lives on the kitchen table.. he came from the dollar spot at target after halloween when the dollar spot was 75% off. I collect black cat stuff, and for a quarter, could not leave him there. :) he is kinda cute, 'eh?


Blogger Carrie Penny said...

You aren't the only one that hates, and I mean HATES winding yarns. One day I will have to invest in a windner. I am not looking forward to winding everthing I just got of ebay.

And yes, the black cat is very cute. My fur baby is a black cat that my step sons sorta kittynaped.

8:08 AM  

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