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Friday, August 10, 2007

what's doin' and what's done

boy, it's hot out there.

what I'm doin':

a plain stockinette man sock, of regia galaxy. for some reason that one didn't make it outside for a portrait.

lacy scallops take 2

sockbug's lacy scallops sock, for the ravelry sockalong. this is a cherry tree hill sockittome mill end that just happens to be close enough to burgundy and orange that I'm proclaiming it so, and calling these my hokie socks. :)

fleece artist man sock

a ribbed man sock of fleece artist nova sock in "mahogany". I'm not sure there's enough yarn to finish man socks, so this sock has had a 4ply regia heel.. too thin for the rest of the sock.. and a 6ply regia heel.. too thick, really, but I probably would have lived with it.. except it was also too pointy, so out it came. I'm about ready to cross my fingers and just finish the thing.. once I get it back on the right number of needles.. and hope for the best. I worry about running out of yarn a lot but it's only happened once.. maybe there's enough. it's just.. skimpy yardage.. nervous about it.

bubbly curtain take 2

bubbly curtain, from mason-dixon knitting, for the powder room window. euroflax originals in champagne. I bought 2 skeins when we were in illinois and.. it's not going to be quite enough, so I need to get around to getting one more, I reckon.

what is done:

gray man socks

gray mansocks, of wildfoote. I worried about running out of yarn on these and came mighty close to doing it.. but there's probably 2 yards left. :)

man socks

stripey mansocks, of regia brasil.

summer socks

stripey summer socks for me.. the bit towards the toe that's in the sun is closer to actual color, at least on my screen. plain ol' ribbed socks, regia surf.

horcrux first pair

a pair of horcrux's.. fortissima 100% cotton sock. I really like this yarn, actually.. too bad it seems to have been discontinued. if you've got some in your stash and don't want to use it, feel free to send it to me. :)

horcrux second pair

actually, a pair of pairs of horcrux's.. this pair of socks that rock medium weight in "henpecked". shelley sent me this yarn. :) if any of you happen to have any of this stuff layin' around unloved, I'd be happy to adopt it too. haha.. as if. :) there's only one shelley. :) these socks worked up to have distinctly hokie-colored stripes in too.. this pair may wind up being for my new niece-in-law for christmas. maybe. there's more of that mill end the lacy scallops are being knit of, so she may get those. or something of some of the rest of it. definitely, she's getting hokie socks for christmas one way or another. :)

fawkes socks

and continuing the harry potter theme, a pair of "fawkes".. a socktopia pattern. these are of a cherry tree hill supersock mill end, and are for my sister in law for christmas. it's not very phoenix-colored yarn, but she used to live in phoenix.. that makes it work, right? :)

there ya go. what I'm doin' and what I've done.


Anonymous DeeDee said...

Stopped by for a look from your Six Sox Knitalong post and I am impressed: beautiful socks in both color and workmanship. I just joined SSK, so I missed the Horcrux socks. I think I'll have to go back and knit a pair after I finish the I Love Ganseys we're working on now.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Carrie Penny said...

OH MY LORD!!!! I love your socks! Once again, your socks just simply rock!!!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Whoa, there's some gorgeous sock action going on here!

8:33 AM  

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