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Saturday, July 14, 2007


It *did* turn into a jacket!

baby surprise jacket

maybe the most surprising part is that I only changed yarn once..

elizabeth zimmermann's baby surprise jacket, done of a 100% merino cherry tree hill mill end (two of 'em, actually) that I purchased as supersock.. but it's about a third thicker than that, and somewhat skimpier in yardage to make up for it. EZ said I needed 3oz of yarn to make this sweater and I'm guessing I used closer to 6.. 5.5 maybe. it's a little bigger than it's supposed to be too, I was supposed to get 6 stitches/inch and I've wound up with not quite that, closer to 5 actually. so.. we'll call this a toddler surprise jacket, I guess. It's pretty cute though, huh?

is a good thing I got to the end of the instructions when I did though.. that weird yarn was going to transition from the light green/cream/pinkybeige there at the end to light green/pinkybeige/RED, in another row or two and I'm really not sure that would have enhanced the look of the finished thing. it's going to make pretty ok christmas baby socks though. :)

it was really fun to knit.. I was so excited when it finally got to the point I could see how it was going to "work" in the end.. and then it made me do another thing that didn't make sense and then came the point that did too.. way fun. the only hitch is the buttons. I found buttons I think will do nicely but I cannot find a needle that will do the job.. a needle with an eye big enough for the yarn I want to use to attach them, and at the same time skinny enough to go through the holes. it's not an impossible thing, I just.. don't seem to have one. so.. I reckon I'll be goin' shopping monday.

tomorrow we're loading the car up with 20somethings and heading to chucktown to see harry potter 3D at the imax.. which should be plenty fun enough to make the waiting to get the jacket 100% finished bearable. :)


Blogger Sarah said...

What's the finished size? It's hard to tell from the pictures.
Beautiful though!

11:26 AM  
Blogger anno said...

I honestly have no idea what size it is, it's been so long since I spent any amount of time with a baby. tiny, I think.. it's 12ish inches long and 9.5ish inches wide. I got buttons for it while we were in illinois, I'll take new pictures once I get them on.

maybe it's bigger than I think it is.. it'd definitely be really big on a cabbage patch doll, which would fit adequately in a newborn size.. maybe it's like 9mo size.

11:45 AM  

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