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Thursday, June 28, 2007

more words

all those words I used yesterday and still didn't say all the things I meant to or should have..

the yarn! I like the yarn a lot, sort of. I like how it feels, I enjoyed knitting with it..

I'm not a big fan of such dramatic pooling. I know some people really do like that, someone on the knittyboard told me that the gal that dyes this yarn really likes it, which makes sense! but me, I like something just a little more.. orderly, or homogenous, or completely scattered.. really I prefer most any other behavior.

I really enjoyed knitting this medium weight but it's not a very practical weight for south carolina so I don't know that I'll do it again. unless I have plenty money to spend on yarn, it'd make a great toddler cardigan. and.. I do have some family in utah, and my daughter and her boyfriend are fixing to move to boston (I think.. she has to decide by next week, they're due back from their recon trip tomorrow.. guess we'll know for sure soon) so they'll probably need nice thick socks.. so.. yeah, maybe...

but, I believe I'll try the lightweight next, in one of the nearly solids, to be on the safe side. :)

I really did enjoy knitting that weight, though.. I knitted it on my #2 bamboo needles which are my favorite of my bamboos, the smaller ones I'm not as fond of, the flex makes me nervous or something.. so it was enjoyable to get to use them.. not much wants to be knitted on 2's.

Do you think 8oz of this weight yarn would be enough to knit a baby sweater?

Ok.. and the baby socks..

a nice gal in my email has been letting me think at her all day and I was about convinced to rip out the part sock, rip the whole one back past the heel and take one repeat out of the leg, and go forward from there but thinking about it further.. that'd give me enough yarn for.. 2 repeats more.. the sock is 1.5 repeats and a whole toe short of finished so.. that's still not going to be enough yarn.

SO.. I've decided the finished sock is a christmas ornament. Mary Sue and Win got the yarn for me when they went to oregon to introduce her to his parents. they're getting married at thanksgiving. the yarn has green and gold in it, which are the school colors of both of their alma maters.. william and mary, in her case, oregon (the one with the ducks) in his.. so the colors are right.. so making the leftovers into an ornament for their first tree together.. that's cool.. that's significant.. and symbolic enough to be worthy of the remains of this special ball of yarn.. and the little bit that's left.. maybe it'll turn into a catnip ball for the cats. :)

when I ran out of yarn last night I also ran out of projects on needles. not projects.. I have 2 socks waiting for mates but one of them is a really fiddley schaefer anne sock I can't get real excited about starting because.. it's tedious and I won't be able to wear the socks until november, and the other.. is a plain mindless regia cotton that I could wear if it was finished.. nothin' stressful about it at all.. nothing exciting either.. I'll do it next, I swear. I wanted to start a whole new sock but felt guilty doing it, oh.. geez.. actually.. there's another sock waiting a mate too.. I'm disgusted with it because it was supposed to be for me but doesn't really fit me.. the sock I knit on the flights to/from europe in january.. I really wanted it to fit me, it was full of anticipation and memories.. it does fit Erin and she likes it OK so I should suck it up and do the other one before she moves, at least, 'eh? ok.. I'll get to that. eventually. :-P

but I decided last night to start another towel. I keep trying to find something that's good enough to knit those towels out of, that I'll stop spending so much of my spare time trying to find a killer deal on the euroflax! so this one I'm trying out in knitpicks cotlin. It's a better choice than what I used for the last ones (patons grace.. made pretty towels, but I'm sorta afraid they're gonna repel water..), and I believe it's cheaper too.. *if* 2 balls will make a towel. that's what I have, 2 balls. I'm almost sure this first ball will get me to the end of the 5th repeat but it's going to take a miracle for it to get me to the end of the 6th one and.. the towel wants 12. 10 will be.. kinda short. but.. I can get enough more yarn to finish it for 2.49 if I'm patient enough to wait for it to finally be back in stock.. so this is not a big deal. heck, this is a test towel.. I can stop it at 10 repeats and keep it for myself if I'm inclined to.. or I can finish the thing in a whole different color.. I'm sure I have plenty bright green.. rofl. that'd be pretty horrid looking.. anyway, this doesn't stress me at all, I'll deal with it one way or another.. I have.. 2 balls of 3 more colors and a ball and a bit of the green so if I like this one when it's done, I'll switch to the chevron towel pattern for a bit maybe... mainly I want to finish this towel and toss it in the wash a few times to see what happens, to see if this is good yarn for it.. so.. if it's unperfect in appearance but winds up being a wonderfully functional towel, I've won big. :)

I like the cotlin yarn, I used it to make the tank top for erin a while back, which I didn't do that great a job on but.. hey.. it's a finished garment and she says it fits! (she better show me it fits sometime, if she wants any more clothes..). I think it'll make good towels...

the linen of course will make the best ones.. I tracked down euroflax at 75.00/bag of 5 the other day, and 5 is enough to make 2 towels and the curtain for my powder room and 75.00 is a good price for those finished products but I can't seem to find a color that'll make a good curtain for my powder room *and* make 2 nice towels for my sister for her wedding! course.. we've been here 16 years living with the wallpaper that came with the powder room so I guess it wouldn't be too horrible to make a curtain the color I *wish* would go with it, and eventually change the walls to match the curtain.. right? probably I'll go with natural..

I've been dieing to knit that curtain.. and knit that linen... and my baby sister's wedding, what better excuse..

we went to virginia this past weekend for the wedding of her older son.

nathan and mandy

my kids were the official photographers so hopefully there will be some great photos eventually.. cross your fingers. :) it was a lovely wedding, and a great party after.. we all missed steve (my sister's husband passed away 2 years ago after a nasty battle with an aggressive blood cancer) but 2 of his brothers and their families were there to celebrate this milestone along with us and.. you go on, right? you go on. So.. we all congregated to wish Nathan and Mandy..

bryce and minihorse

and Bryce! (Mandy comes with a 2yo perpetual motion machine!) all the best for a long and happy and steady life together. :)

ok.. I think I'm done. sure I'll change my mind once I click the done button, though..


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