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Saturday, June 16, 2007

a little sock catch up..

I keep putting off taking photos of the socks that are done because it's nice weather now, and I keep meaning to take them outside and take nice pictures.. and then when I'm inspired to do it lately, it's been raining. we really need the rain so I'm not complaining.. but the other day I wanted to talk about one of these pairs of socks, and it was pouring rain, so.. we have more socks posing on the bed. I know that's getting boring..

sherbet socks

this is a pair of fairly plain loud summer socks, of regia surf.. wool cotton nylon blend. I think I'm fixing to run out of this yarn finally.. I bought 6ish balls last spring and.. hmm.. ok, I guess I've only used 3.. and a 4th is in my backpack, one sock done.. oh! erin has one pair.. ok, yeah.. I've used 4.5 balls of it now, and I'm sure there's one ball left.. maybe.. 2.. but that's getting kinda low, stash-wise, on the mass-produced cotton blend yarn so.. I guess I should keep my eyes open for a sale, to replenish. :) in south carolina, really, cotton blend is more practical than the wools.. but.. the wools are so pretty. :) I like the yarn, I find it shrinks a bit and isn't stretchy so it's really more suited to ribbed patterns than it is to lace, and it's better to use a few more stitches than you normally would to boot.. although I don't believe I did that with this pair. I did use 2.5mm needles though. :) so far this is my favorite pair of the socks I've made of this yarn to wear, despite the fact it goes with *nothing* I own in the way of clothing, really and it's probably the least favorite.. ok, second least favorite.. to look at.. that eagles flight pair I made last spring are just wonky socks all around so that's my least favorite.. the lacy ones I finished on the bus to paris are my favorite to look at.. and I like wearing them.. but they do take some work to get on, what with that not being stretchy thing.

anyway.. this is a pair of fairly plain stockinette socks with a 4x2 rib cuff broken up with a couple purl rows after a bit, then a little more rib.. then plain sock.. I gave 'em the heel flap that has you slip every other stitch going and coming.. I think that's my favorite heel flap when it's finished but I haven't used that one since. :)

and then there's this pair..

yellow socks

these ones are of brown sheep cotton fine, 80% cotton 20% wool.. seconds. I wasn't sure I was going to like this yarn for socks so this was an experiment but I do.. I like it very much, actually. I will buy more.

I really like these socks, although they aren't perfect.. I'm not 100% on that garterstitch cuff.. I probably shoulda gone with a picot edge instead.. but otherwise I think I'm very pleased with them and I made them up myself. :) my first finished pair of socks that aren't no-brainer plain that I "invented" all my own self. hehe. :)

earlier in the week I finished a pair of plain gray wildfoote socks in a garter rib pattern that I'll photograph sometime.. they've gone into the gift pile for now, and this afternoon I finished the first of a pair of monkey socks in harlotty colorway of medium weight socks that rock.. it's pretty ridiculously funky looking and a really impractical thickness for south carolina but I'm liking it a great lot, the second one is already commencing (although barely, it's got 3 rows of rib so far :) ).

really need to stop doing that and finish a towel though.. is meant to be a wedding gift and the wedding is saturday!


Blogger Carrie Penny said...

You just always make the prettiest socks, I love thse too, your plainish ones are wonderful, I need something like that to make for my mom next, she is loving the hand knit socks!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Carrie Penny said...

LOL, No, I can kitchner, but it takes too long and I have to go back into my sun room to get a needle... If you look at the brown socks, I kitchnered the toes up...

7:51 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

It's okay, we're only looking at the socks anyway.
And they're lovely.

2:28 PM  

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