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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I didn't really..

vanish off the face of the earth.. or stop knitting. I've been kind of lousy about photographing what I've been knitting, though.

this is a top I knitted for my daughter.. my first sweater where fit was important and I just winged it.. haven't yet heard if it fits her or is lookin' for a new home!

it's called v-neck tank from the spring/summer 2007 issue of knitsimple and I used knitpicks cotlin, 2 balls of the khaki and 1 ball of the green to make the medium size on #4 us clover circular needle. it was knit as a front and a back and then the straps were knit.. horizontal.. casting on some stitches then picking up some stitches then casting on some more stitches, and sewn to the back. I learned mattress stitch! that's almost as magic as kitchener.

it's not perfect.. there's something a tad wonky about the left front.. if I get my hands on it again I think I'll see if I can't fix that little bobble there with a sewing needle..

I've knit a towel and a half, 2 pairs of socks and 3 singles and half a mate to one of those as well, one of those finished pairs a pair I "designed" myself, I'm so proud.. one of these days I'll photograph them. :)

we all went to virginia last weekend to watch my younger nephew graduate (magna cum laude) from william and mary. my sister and her late husband both graduated from W&M in.. 1980, their older sonin 2004 and now this one is going to do it twice, he starts classes this week for his masters in education and should graduate again next august. :) we had a good time and a good crowd and while we all felt the hole that Steve should have been filling, I think we all managed to know he was lookin' on and enjoying watching us have a good time.


Blogger Carrie Penny said...

It sounds like you have been too busy to post pictures of what you are making...

10:53 AM  
Anonymous said...

Oh! I think it's really REALLY cute! Glad to see you around Knitty. Did you post a FO in the Gallery?

7:26 PM  
Blogger anno said...

.... no....


7:31 PM  

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