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Monday, February 26, 2007

catching up..

and apparantly migrating to the new blogger in the process so.. let's see how this works. :)

I took some photos of socks I'd been needing to photograph today.. for some reason (and the reason was.. these socks came out of the dryer and went out on the deck to take some air, and nothing that wasn't wet went out or got photographed!) not the ones I finished yesterday, go figure.. but these had been waiting for their chance to be talked about for a good while.. well.. some of them had, anyway..

anniversary socks

this pair is ted's anniversary socks from back in october, they're just plain stockinette socks of a really nice for a man cherry tree hill mill end, they're his fanciest socks to date (well.. maybe the argyle ones are fancier.. ok, they were his fanciest socks to date) and the ones he wears most often so he must like them. they look like they picked up a little fuzz in the washer and I really should have groomed them before I took their portrait but.. then I probably wouldn't have gotten the photo taken so.. there ya go. :)

man socks

this is his next pair of socks which are also fairly plain but ribbed this time, and so goofy.. they were supposed to be for my brother in law for christmas but for some reason I ran out of yarn before I got to the end of the second sock so it got a white toe.. and then I picked out and ripped back the toe of the first one and gave it a white toe too and ted assured me they were still gift-worthy and about the time I came to accept that.. I noticed I'd 1x1 ribbed the first cuff and 2x2 ribbed the second one.. there was no way in... er.. the world, I was going to fix *that* so.. he didn't get those (the brother in law), and ted got a bonus pair. :)

fast socks

this pair is a little bit out of order because I just made them since I got back from my trip but it's the same yarn.. I bought a lot of it cheap.. and the same boring 3x1 rib, only shorter because these are mine, so I'm sticking them in here and saving the better for later..

50's upholstery

the color isn't good on this pair, so I guess not on any of them, the pink is pinker, the light green is greener.. I got this ball of yarn in heidelberg because it was cheap.. it's a sport weight yarn so I knit it up fast on #2's and 56 stitches, as a break between more complicated stuff.. the yellow scales sock and.. one you haven't seen yet and ted's argyle ones, I was tired of counting and wanted fast and mindless. I bought the yarn because in the ball it looked watermelonish but in the sock it looks like 50's upholstery... which is ok too..

and this pair, the fancy one in this batch..

lacy trellis

really belongs in the middle, I started it sometime around new years, the last pair I needed to finish in order to have 11 pairs for my trip and I got the first sock done and the second started and then it was time to leave, so I had to finish the second one in order to have clean socks to wear home! and I did.. haha. it's the lacy trellis pattern by gail dennis the sockamaniac, of a regia cotton/wool blend.

maybe in a few days I'll take some more photos.. I have a few more finished pairs waiting to be photographed..

at the moment I'm knitting a monkey sock from knitty, I started it last night and should finish it tonight.. well.. maybe in the morning depending, I think one more repeat of the pattern before the toe but I may decide it needs a bit more once I get that other repeat done.. I'm surprised how fast this sock is knitting up, it looks so fancy but you'll have to wait a bit to see it, I expect.. I really must do that second cedar creek sock next.. or at least be working on it at the same time as whatever I do next..


Blogger Carrie Penny said...

All the pretty socks! Look at all the beauty! I every blog I read, the poster is a sock knitter...I have only mastered worsted weight house socks...I can't seem to get the heel to turn when I make pretty little socks...I love yours!!!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Love the socks! And the yarn certainly doesn't look cheap.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Gorgeous socks, I never get tired of looking at other's socks. On that second and third pair, what yarn and colorway is that as I am looking for something like that.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Val said...

What nice socks! I'm going to have to try "Monkey" too, having now seen yours.

10:22 PM  

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