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Thursday, October 26, 2006

long time no speak. :) finally finished those mata parrot socks today!! photos tomorrow maybe. meanwhile, I did the companion socks to the last man socks for one sister in law, red hat socks for another sister in law, anniversary socks for my husband, and..

the stupid socks. these socks were supposed to be for my brother in law (husband of the red hat socks :) ) and they are of same yarn as the boring gray man socks, only a different color. boring brown man socks. and I made them exactly the same, same yarn, same needles, only an inch shorter and 4 stitches fewer around. and I ran out of yarn before I got to the toe of the second one. explain that. so I gave it a white toe, because it sorta matched and happened to be same brand/fiber content as the sock. then I cut off the end of the first sock and ripped back and gave it a white toe too so they would match. then I got them finished.. ends worked in, tails snipped, right side out and sat back to admire them, not what I'd intended yet attractive anyway :). giftable still. then I realized I'd done the cuff of the first one in 1x1 rib and the cuff of the second one in 2x2 rib. *sigh*. so, ted has more new socks than I'd intended, but.. he's happy. :)

onwards.. doin' a pair of double moss stitch socks in another cherry tree hill yarn for.. some man. didn't decide which man yet..

my feet are very happy in their new parrot socks which do not match all that well because so much time went by between the first one and the second one I forgot what I had done, but they don't match anyway and are so crazy I don't figure that matters any. :) I.. think one is shorter than the other too.. haha.. I think I'm going to try to limit myself to 2 socks goin' at a time for a while..


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