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Friday, February 09, 2007

hullo.. :)

sunny day scales sock, originally uploaded by alsoanno.

oh. flickr says I'm oldfashioned. do I need "the new blogger"?

anyway, here's a picture of my scaley sock. this sock is the august pattern of the six socks KAL yahoogroup, and the name is something about scales. the yarn is regia nordic.. I picked it up at a yarn store in heidelberg. :) I knit it on some 2.5mm needles I got there too. it was great fun.. I liked the yarn but I really liked how it worked with the pattern.. as you can see by the sole, it's a pretty but fairly ordinary hunk of yarn knit in plain stockinette but it worked so well with this fairly simple k2 yo k2 pyoo pattern. I just love how they turned out, all sunshine and blue skies and sorta.. bubbly, somehow.

weird socks

if it worked, that's the pair of socks I made next.. they're of a cherry tree hill mill end that was a decidedly odd ball of yarn and in order to make 1 pair of socks that looked like it came from the same ball of yarn I had to knit them both at the same time.. or.. in shifts, rather.. a bit on one, cut the yarn, a bit on the other, cut the yarn.. (because if I knit them straight through, the first sock would have been the 2 colors of the legs, and the second sock would have been the 2 colors of the feet and much as I like odd socks, I do prefer them to obviously be a pair..) and despite the yarn sold representing itself as being 100ish yards/ounce which should have given me plenty left over, I ran out of yarn on this 60 stitch 6" leg sock just about the time I needed to do the toes, so the toes are from yet another ball of this odd yarn. odd as it is.. and odd looking as the socks are, they are very very comfy.. and just a smidge big. so next time (because I have more of this yarn.. not the same odd assortment of colors in one hunk.. different odd colors in one hunk :)) I'll try 56 stitches.. that might give me enough to get to the end.. and I think next time I wind a hunk of this yarn into a ball, I'll wind it into several balls, snipping it where the color changes.. that'll let me make planned color changes which *might* produce a more.. normal? looking sock. :) oh! these socks.. you can't tell, but they are a little fancier than they look, I used the beaded rib stitch of the thuja sock.. I really like that stitch..

ok, let me see if that picture worked now.. before I continue.. yes. OK.. one more..

takeout markers take 2

that's what I made today. well.. I finished the first of an almost "almost argyle" sock for my husband.. almost because I added half a pattern repeat of length in the leg but otherwise I think it's exactly to the pattern.. in a merino/tencel blend that I'm hoping there's enough left of to finish the second sock but then I made these things, a set of chinese takeout stitch markers..

it's a lousy picture, I'm not good at close-ups especially indoors at night so maybe I can do better some other time, or one of the kids might be willing to shoot them for me, they both have way better cameras and much steadier hands than I do :) there's a red lantern, a pair of chopsticks, a fortune cookie, a takeout box, a fish, and a tea pot.

anyway.. are those cute? do you think someone might buy them? I have a few more sets of the charms.. so I could make a few more sets.. maybe I could swap them, for sock yarn? I thought they would be way cool someone might like them for a swap, you could put a set of needles in a paper chopsticks sleeve, and pack a ball of yarn in a takeout box.. I think I can make tiny takeout boxes with paperclip handles to package them in even, although that might be overkill.. add a couple fortune cookies and a few tea bags and what a cute package, huh? :)

I have a few sets of fast food charms too that would make a cute swap package packed in a happy meal bag or a pizza box, and a few sets of cowboy ones that would be really cute with a small tote made out of a bandana..

you think? should I make more, people might buy them or swap me for them?


Anonymous said...

Cute stitch markers, but have you used them? I find that the hangy-downy kinds get in my way, and I'm back to using rubber ponytail holder things.

But...I LOVE your scaly socks! I love the colors and yes; they are bubbly!! wwwwoooooooo!

9:12 PM  
Blogger anno said...

I haven't used them yet, because I just made them today and don't have anything going that needs a marker.. I only have one thing going right this second actually..

but I do enjoy a fancy marker on a sock, because they amuse me and kind of give a little yay! at the end of a row and I don't mind flipping them if they're in my way.. for a long bit of lace that needs markers I.. dunno, I've never had enough fancy markers to use them for a big project!

I gave these takeout ones a dangly big of chain to get them out of the way because a couple of the charms are on the big side and they needed to hang down a bit.. the ones I've used that are fancy with beads are on.. those pin things, I don't remember what you call those.. and there isn't any flex to those, just flop but I enjoy seeing them when I come to them so.. if it's tedious, it's.. happy tedious?

they'd probably get in my way every 20 stitches on a needle full of 200 stitches of lace but I think they'd make me smile spread out further. :)

9:53 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I love your sun-shiny, scaly/bubbly socks -- very cheerful!

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Joan in Canada said...

Anno, I know the stitch markers are biggish but they are just too cute!! I'd be interested in them (depending on cost, shipping, etc.) They'd certainly make great end of row markers or heel start/end, etc. And, I love your ideas for packing things together - would make a great swap/gift/RAK. Great colourway for the scaly socks - very nice and bright!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your scale socks are beautiful! I love how that pattern moves the color around in handpaint/variagated yarns! Kate/Massachusetts

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE your scaly socks, next pair I make are going to have scales/bubbles too! Thanks for sharing!!
Jeanette from MN where we always wear wool socks!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your SSS-socks look beautiful! The yarn goes very nice with this pattern. Thank you for sharing. Hello from H in Norway

6:41 AM  

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